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IKAR INVESCO, is the mother-ship structure that manages the whole IKAR group of companies and leads the coordination, development and growth strategies of the various enterprises, investments, services, innovations and support activities.


It is a specialized promoter of equity and debt instruments to fund attractive investment projects across multiple sectors.

IKAR INVESCO will be a novel multi-tiered entrepreneurial investment vehicle that harnesses its unique set up for all of the various enterprises we will manage, enhance, own, and/or create. The IKAR style is to infuse our team’s extreme sense of entrepreneurial creativity to each endeavor we undertake. IKAR also will utilize our broad industry knowledge and experience to enhance the corporate development of our holdings. To ensure the success of our mission, we enforce discipline and efficiency within and throughout the IKAR eco-system.


Adelfi Ventures Limited, London founded in 2022 is a unique service provider to entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME’s, combines valuable advantages from the cumulative experience and business know-how of IKAR’s ecosystem, with the significant benefits from their global business networks, operational competences and investor’s outreach. Adelfi will be a leading game changer Angel Investor and Early-stage VC, providing a wide range of Incubator and Accelerator services that are supplemented by practical education, training and mentoring programs. Adelfi acts also as its own incubator by creating industry changing companies.

Services "The power of Adelfi Ventures"


Angel Investor






Adelfi Venture: Business Support

  1. We support in arranging  investors to invest into your company in accordance to our business development and strategy
  2. We support in developing business models.
  3. We support businesses to grow globally and open new markets with the help of our knowledge, experience and global reach.
  4. We support you in implementation of the operational structure and being your sparring partner
  5. We support in preparation of marketing strategies 
  6. Any other support required to make the company a big success

Our Leaders

"My vision is to use business as a bridge to unify humanity regardless of geographical location, ideology, identity, or socio- economic status.” Welcome to IKAR: The World ‘s First HUMICORN in business!
Mario Diel
Chairman & CEO, IKAR Holdings
“Every great journey start with a great vision. Vision drives leadership intent; command tools allows this intent to flow throughout the command structure. Clarity and discipline are required to execute this thoroughly”
Semih Aycicek
CEO, Adelfi Ventures
“At IKAR we combine the knowledge, insight and acumen that have built renowned companies, with evolving forces that are driving tomorrow’s emerging economy”
Sertan Aycicek
V.P. Investments, IKAR Holdings

Birchin Court , 20 Birchin Lane EC3V9DJ, London, United Kingdom


+44 203 885-2285

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